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Photo of Dr. George Hill Hodel circa 1950
Dr. George Hill Hodel, 1950
Dr. Hodel's 1947 Hollywood residence and location where Black Dahlia torture/murder committed
Dr. Hodel's 1947 Hollywood residence
and location where
Black Dahlia torture/murder committed
Black Dahlia Avenger II written by Steve Hodel
Book Title: Black Dahlia Avenger II written by Steve Hodel - ISBN 978-0-9830744-4-1 - Sequel to New York Times best seller - Black Dahlia Avenger: A Genius for Murder
ISBN 978-0-9830744-4-1

“This is the best payoff I’ve seen between Law Enforcement Agencies. I’m the only one who knows how everything fits together. Supposing I did kill the Black Dahlia. They can’t prove it now. They can’t talk to my secretary anymore because she’s dead.”

Dr. George Hill Hodel
LA DA Black Dahlia Electronic Surveillance Tapes
February 18, 1950

In Black Dahlia Avenger II, author and veteran homicide detective Steve Hodel presents his five-year follow-up investigation [2006-2012] into Los Angeles' 1947 Black Dahlia and other serially connected 1940s Lone Woman Murders.

After the 2003 publication of his NYT bestseller and MWA Edgar nominated true-fact crime book, Black Dahlia Avenger: A Genius for Murder, and receiving a "CASE SOLVED" legal opinion from many of LA's top law enforcement officials — which included a then active Head Deputy District Attorney and LAPD’s Chief of Detectives — Hodel didn't stop there.

In this investigative sequel he presents his careful deconstruction of the Dahlia Myth — exposing and correcting the Black Dahlia Murder’s Three Greatest Urban Myths:

Myth No. 1 — "It was a standalone murder."
Myth No. 2 — "There was a 'Missing or Lost Week'"
Myth No. 3 — "The case was never solved."

Some of BDA II’s new investigative findings:

  • Obtainment of the killer’s full DNA PROFILE which can now be made available for law enforcement testing and comparison to multiple Cold Case unsolved crimes.
  • Discovery of the actual residence where the BLACK DAHLIA MURDER was committed and linking it to physical evidence found near the victim’s body at the vacant lot.
  • Identification of "The Baron," George Hodel’s accomplice overheard talking on the DA bugging tapes
  • New expert medical testimony and evidence photos proving — "A Doctor Did It."
  • Includes complete and unabridged 1950 DA-Hodel Black Dahlia Bugging Transcripts. [146 pgs.]
  • THE HUSTON LETTERS - Personal correspondence between famed film director John Huston and his ex-wife, Dorothy Huston Hodel [the author’s mother] covering the years 1948-1957. In these private letters Dorothy shares with John the day to day personal fear and terror she is experiencing living with George Hodel as the doctor threatens her and the children with physical harm in the months just prior to his leaving the country.
  • A World Class Surrealist Photographer reveals his knowledge of the murders.
  • Over 300 photographs and crime exhibits including the 1969 Sowden House 17-Photo Historical Survey

About the Author:
STEVE HODEL is a licensed P.I. and has specialized in criminal investigations for the past 42-years. He spent twenty-four years with LAPD and was assigned to Hollywood Homicide where he worked more than three hundred murder cases and achieved one of the highest “solve rates” on the force. He resides in his hometown of Los Angeles.<

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